Online Group Sessions
Two-hour sessions on a progression of sequencing topics
using Light-O-Rama S3/S4 Sequence Editor. (SE only - no PE or SS)
Class Size Limit: 20 attendees per session.
$25 per seat per class - includes copies of all SU demo files except music.
The winter 2017 classes have concluded.  Check back for summer schedule.

One-on-One Online Sessions
For those who want sequencing training specific to their needs.  
LOR S3/S4 Sequence Editor only - includes RGB.  
Scheduled in hourly increments only.
Usually available at whatever time/day is convenient for you.   
$25 per hour (or part thereof).

Sequencing Service
For those who want a demonstration and/or hands-on help
sequencing a specific element in their display.     
Excludes songs known to cause
acute digestive disorders.
0 per hour (or part thereof).
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