Clearwater Lights
                   Driving Directions

From Interstate 94:
Exit and go North on State Hwy 24.  When you get to Coborn's, turn left onto CO.
Rd. 75.  Go to the bottom of the hill (about a quarter of a mile) and turn right onto
Main Street.  If you cross the Clearwater River you've gone too far.
After turning left on CO. RD. 75, go 2 blocks and turn right onto Ash Street and
go to the bottom of the hill.  Then turn left onto Main Street and continue onward
until you've arrived.  

From Clear Lake on State Hwy 24:
After crossing the Mississippi River, turn right onto Co. Rd. 75.  Turn right onto
Ash Street (just past City Hall) and go to the bottom of the hill.  Turn left onto
Main Street.  It's 3 blocks ahead.

From St. Augusta on Co. Rd. 75
Turn left onto Main Street immediately after crossing the Clearwater River.


No matter how busy it is, DO NOT stop on CO RD 75 at the
bottom of the hill.  Doing so might well lead to tragedy, and it
might be YOU and/or your family who becomes tragedized!  
Our lights are indeed most excellent, and we believe well
worth hearing, but they're not worth losing life and limb.  Let's
keep the term: "dying to see them" nothing more than a
colloquial phrase, and it will indeed be a Merry Christmas!

So get off that road!  Turning onto almost any city street east of
the Clearwater River and heading in the direction of the
display will probably get you there.  You won't necessarily get
in front of the house any sooner, but you'll get there alive.