ALL classes begin at 7:00 PM CENTRAL.

All classes are scheduled for two hours.  Many run longer.  Bonus time is free.  Topical
questions only during class, please.  Informal
open Q&A usually follows each session.  

Price per class is $
26 USD.  When ordering, please specify which class(es) you want.

Price for all 6 classes is $125 USD.  No need to specify which ones you want.

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These classes cover the LOR S3/S4 Sequence Editor ONLY.  The Pixel
Editor, Super Star, S5 and all other sequencing programs ARE NOT included in any way.

Sequencing Pre-school - January 14, 2018
An in depth walk-through of the LOR S3/S4 Sequence Editor.  Creating, saving, storing musical
sequences and animation sequences.  Understanding and using Tracks and Groups.
  (This one
usually takes longer than 2 hours, but it's needed so you know the tools at your disposal.)

Sequencing 101 - January 21, 2018
Differentiating good and bad sequencing.  The dos and don'ts of sequencing.  The basic patterns of
sequencing.  Sequencing from other people's videos.  Using the Beat Wizard, Tapper Wizard, VU Wizard
Verifier and multiple timing grids.

Visualizer and Animation - January 28, 2018
How to use the Visualizer: Creating, exporting and importing props and/or fixtures.  Matching props and
fixtures to sequence channels
.  Troubleshooting.  Animation: dinosaur or valued friend?  Creating
animations.  Using Animation and Visualizer together.

Let's Build a Sequence - February 11, 2018
How to complete a watchable two-minute 64-channel musical sequence in under 2 hours.
  (Ironically, this is the only SU class that
usually finishes in under 2 hours.)

Advanced Sequencing Techniques - February 18, 2018
This class might not be pertinent for people with under 48 channels.  Unlike every other class, the tips,
situations and specific display elements that are covered don't translate well - or at all - to smaller
displays.  Includes: working with sequences obtained from others.

Basic RGB and Pixel Sequencing - February 25, 2018
Understanding and working with RGB channels.  Dumb versus smart RGB.  Basic techniques for
sequencing dumb RGB.  Basic techniques for sequencing smart pixels, including color morphs/cascades
color chases, and color-in-color effects.  (This class DOES NOT include the Pixel Editor or Super Star.)
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